For questions related to the operation and maintenance (adjustment, adjustment, repair, verification) of our equipment, please contact the MIRAX service center. When contacted, a unique number will be assigned. Information about the progress of the application will be sent by email.

Warranty service
During the warranty period, free repair is provided by replacing defective components or equipment as a whole in accordance with the terms and conditions of warranty service. After a preliminary consultation with the technical support department, the devices and the completed reclamation report should be sent to the address: 617764, Russia, Perm Region, Chaikovsky city, Lenin str. 61A, office 501

Post-warranty service
At the end of the warranty period, MIRAX provides post-warranty services:
• Verification and adjustment of equipment;
• Repair and restoration of working capacity of instruments and equipment;
• Diagnostics of faulty equipment;
• Preventive and routine work;
• Installation of additional devices and software.

Training your employees
MIRAX conducts free training on the basis of our enterprise or on the territory of the customer.
The duration of the courses is from 1 to 2 days. After completing the course, a certificate is issued confirming that the specialist has been trained to work with devices manufactured by the company MIRAX

Technical support contacts:
Kolegov Konstantin Vyacheslavovich
Tel: 8-800-700-91-27 (toll-free in Russia)
Tel.cell: +7-963-011-61-93 (WhatsApp)


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