Portable gas detectors - reliable protection for employees

Portable gas detectors - reliable protection for employees

The developer of gas analysis equipment for ensuring industrial and environmental safety, labor protection and process control MIRAX has released a line of portable gas analyzers. The series includes single-channel gas analyzer AVIS X1 and multi-channel gas analyzer AVIS X4 with built-in triple alarm: sound, light and vibration.

Devices protect the employee in the work area, wells, mines and other enclosed spaces from poisoning by poisonous, toxic or combustible gases at industrial facilities. Have an explosion-proof design, dust and moisture protection - IP66 / IP68. In addition, they have a powerful battery that allows you to operate AVIS X1 devices for two years without recharging. The battery life of AVIS X4 is up to 30 hours.

A distinctive feature of MIRAX devices is an expanded line of sensors capable of measuring a greater amount of harmful substances. In particular, sensors are presented:

Electrochemical - to measure the concentration of O2, CL2, SO2, CO, NH3, NO, NO2, H2S and many others;
Thermal catalytic - for measuring the concentration of combustible gases;
Infrared - to detect leakage of combustible gases;
Photoionization for measuring the concentration of volatile organic compounds;
MEMS for combustible gases.

The reliability of the devices is ensured by uninterrupted operation in extreme weather conditions. Operating temperature from -45°С to +65°С. Devices have the ability to measure from 1 to 4 gases simultaneously. The concentration of each substance in the gas mixture is displayed on a digital display.

In particular, compact dimensions, convenient mounting, intuitive one-button operation ensure comfortable use and ease of operation. The function of self-diagnostics and automatic control of the technical condition during switching on and operation is also provided.
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