Stationary gas detectors

Stationary gas detectors

MIRAX has launched on the market a new line of explosion-proof stationary gas analyzers designed for continuous monitoring of hazardous concentrations of combustible, toxic gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxygen in the air of the working area. The series includes single-channel gas analyzers ATOM and AXIOM. Devices are capable to work in various climatic conditions: from -60°С to +65°С. Easily integrated into an existing plant-wide industrial safety system.

It should be noted that the line of AXIOM gas analyzers is equipped with a light and sound annunciator, which locally gives an alarm signal when the concentration of the analyzed gases is exceeded.

A distinctive feature of MIRAX devices is an expanded line of sensors capable of analyzing a larger number of gases. Various types of durable and reliable sensors such as MEMS, IR, EC, PID, LEL are used. Various output signals are available: 4-20 mA, HART, RS-485, Threshold 1, Threshold 2, Threshold 3/Alarm relays. The devices carry out an automatic functional test, calibration and self-diagnostics of the device and the SMART sensor.

Adjustment and calibration of devices can be carried out on site, including in an explosive area using a magnetic key or a phone via Bluetooth. Uninterrupted and stable operation of gas analyzers during the entire service life saves money on instrument maintenance.

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