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MIRAX manufactures high-quality gas analysis equipment to ensure industrial and environmental safety, labor protection and process control. 
We constantly improve our products, keeping pace with scientific and technological progress, conducting research and development work.

Manufacture high quality products confirming legal requirements. Make a meaningful contribution to people’s
safety and work process.

Our main value
Safe and trouble-free work of our customers
Our team strategy is based on a deep market analysis, understanding the needs of our customers, finding and implementing optimal and effective solutions.


•   Portable gas detectors (single-channel, multichannel)
•   Stationary gas detectors
•   Gas pollution control system of the working area
•   Gas detectors for process control, efficient operation of fuel  ignition units and boilers


Facts about MIRAX
20 years - our specialists have over 20 years of experience in designing and supplying of gas control detectors
15+ - modifications of devices of different functionality, price segment and uniqueness
100+ - partner companies 


Modern high-tech equipment allows you to create the most advanced solutions for gas pollution control. A distinctive feature of Mirax devices is an expanded line of sensors capable of analyzing the largest amount of gases. The sensors use various types of durable and reliable sensors such as PID, IR, LEL, EC, MEMS, thanks to which measurements are made in a wide range of gases: flammable, toxic, VOC, freon, oxygen. Can be used in various climatic conditions: from -60°C to +65°C.


Our developments are used in almost all industries in the regions of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries, the states of the Eurasian Economic Union, Europe and the Middle East

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