MIRAX Solutions for Safety Control at Industrial Facilities

The MIRAX ST wireless industrial security complex includes portable gas analyzers, trackers with an SOS button, base stations, and is also provided with software. To control and ensure the safety of the employee at the facility, the complex can be equipped with a personal bracelet for taking bioparameters, a label for monitoring the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE). All components of the complex are synchronized via Bluetooth. The tracker transmits data via radio, cellular or Wi-Fi.

The MIRAX ST complex for monitoring the safety of an employee at the facility tracks where the employee is, assesses his physical condition and potential threat. Information about deviations from the specified parameters is transmitted to the dispatcher's screen and allows you to quickly contact the employee, warn about the danger, and give instructions on further actions.

The information is stored on special servers and can be obtained in the form of aggregated reports. It is also possible to integrate with production management systems (in particular, 1C-Prombezopasnost, SAP). Infrastructure and user equipment is designed and manufactured in Russia. The devices meet the requirements of GOST and have certificates of compliance with the declared characteristics.

Qualified service and technical support 24/7 provide reliable protection in production.

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